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Different sites that offer a variety of items a Sugar Glider or owner might need.
Below are links to the sites that  I have recommended.
(The name is a Link)

LLL Reptile

They have cheap reptarium cages or aka travel cages, and insects treats for your glider.

Sugar Glider Shop

Different supplies you might need, food, insects, vitamins, calcium, and more! Good prices.

SunCoast Sugar Gliders

Everything a beginner owner needs.

The Gliding Room

Home of the modified Chinchilla Bath House. Toys, supplies, and information.

Happy Glider

Unique Sugar Glider food.

Sugar Glider R US

Different food from companies, accessories, health aids, etc...

Exotic Nutrition

Offers lots off supplies, some toys, and information.

Brisky Pet Products

An assortment of items a Glider owner might need.
Lots of supplies here up for auction. Toys, food, and anything else you might need for your cage.

The Sugar Glider Hut

Offer Starter Kits, Cages, Supplies, Pouches, Diet Supplements & Toys.

The Glider Initiative

"TGI is dedicated to educate owners, and other interested persons.  TGI will hold seminars, education classes, conferences, and other meetings to educate owners and public persons regarding health, feeding, medical, and other aspects of sugar glider ownership."


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
Miami, Fl


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