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Veggie Relish / Fruit Smoothie

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Provided by: A member of Glider Central
1 32 oz bag mixed veggies, defrosted (birds eye classic is best, no limas, no salt)
4 oz white grape juice or gerber fruit juice w/ yogurt.
4 tablespoons honey

put half in blender, and pulse until consistency of relish.
On the BML diet, I would omit the honey, or use very little, as to not throw off the BML ratios. put in ice cube trays and freeze.


5- 6 lbs mixed fruit
4 oz juice
2 - 4 tbsp honey
1/2 cup Dannon French Vanilla Yogurt

Defrost fruit and drain juice, blend until smooth and pour in ice cube trays and freeze.

I found that the berry mix is WAY too much berries and tends to stain the wall when they fling it. Maybe mix half n half with another mix of fruits.

Give one one night and the other the next night.
This is the only way my gliders will eat their veggies. Otherwise, they just pick out the corn. Hope it works.


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
Miami, Fl


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