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Below are links to the sites that  I have recommended.

This group is for people who want to get to know other South Florida community members who are interested in Sugar Gliders. The goal of this group is to get in contact with other Sugar Gliders lovers in our area, in order to help and support each other in need.
Below is the Myspace site for this group.

Glider Sitters

A forum helping people that need someone to take care of their glider companion when in need.A

Suggie Style

Clothes for all Glider Lovers!


United sugar Glider Network. Lots of information here.

Glider Central

#1 forum, you can post up questions, sell or buy posts, vet list, and has much more useful information here too.

Glider Connection

Has toys and pouches, other supplies, and information.

Dizzy Kitten Designs

Lots of cool jewelry for the Glider Lover.

Glider University

Lots of information here, and offers online courses, vet list.

The Pet Glider

Pictures and descriptions of different variations of Sugar Glider colors.

Glider Sounds

Decribes the different sounds that Sugar Gliders make, along with links with how they sound.

Sugar Glider Sounds

Sugar Glider Central

A forum where you can post up questions, post to sell or buy , has a whole buch of resourceful links to help u understand, and meet the needs of your sugar glider.

South East Sugar Gliders

Another great community board, That has alot info and is a ..." happy medium.."  in the sugar glider world (thefotokat).

Art Commissions

Jennifer (Sungmina) does awesome art. she did the logos for my website, both the small one and the large one of my main page. You can visit this LINK to see other sample art she has done.

You can email her here for inquiries:


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
Miami, Fl


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