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Sugar & Sunshine Gliders

Things you Need and Need to Know

Things U Need & Need to Know
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Do you have everything you need? Click on this link for the Checklist and Care Sheet.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commision

Captive Wildlife Regulations. Standard caging requirements for captive Wildlife. Rules that apply to Sugar Gliders.

Cage Requirment

State Restriction

Has a list of each State and legalities of owning a Sugar Glider in that state. Go to the links in the website for your state for updated information.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

Sugar Gliders are covered under the Animal Welfare Act as exotic animals.  Anyone with four or more breeding females (Note: this is a recent change) may be subject to the Animal Welfare Act. To determine if you are subject to USDA licensing or registeration please contact the Animal Care Regional Office for your area. For a phone number and/or address, please go to our organization page.


Links to vet database for each state, that sees exotic animals. And you can see the link database for different diets that are offered to Sugar Gliders here: Diets page.

Glider Central

Section of the site that offers a good list of vets for the US and Canada. #1 site that i recommend if there is ever any emergency, there is a forum here for questions. Most likely another sugar glider "slave" will save you and answer any questions

"I am sure most pet loves know about mills and brokers in various pet markets. Unfortunately sugar gliders are no exception. Read more about flea market/tradeshow vendors." (Pet Sugar Gliders)

Glider University

Important information about Basic Husbandry.


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
Miami, Fl


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