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This page has a great list of different sites of Glider owners who like to spoil their suggies and have created a line of toys for others to purchase.
Below are links to the sites that  I have recommended.
(The name is a Link)

Lots of cool toys and pouches and others things as well.
Toys and pouches.
Pouches, toys and cards.
Drawing and jewelry of Sugar Gliders.
Different types of interesting pouches, and other accessories.
Cute assortment of bonding pouches, toys and other cage items.

Cuddle Creations by Cheryl

(AKA) Exclusiely Exotics
A whole bunch of cute pouches and toys all in one place!

Has a good Suggie supplies section, they have the ingrediants to make HPW.

Suz Sugar Gliders

Intructions on how to make toys without sewing!
(No-sew toys!)

CalleJean's Creations

Treats, toys and pouches.

Wodent Wheel

Click here to see!

Wonderful inventor of the "Suggie Gym". Cool Gyms for your Gliders for tent time or for the bottom of your cages (If you can get it in!)

Xtreme Glider

Cool foraging toys. Interesting re-set toys, this toy has removable pieces that have to be set up for your gliders enjoyment.

Just for Fuzzies

Home of the funky fish bed. Really fun colors and a fish where your suggie can sleep. Also makes Glider-Shaped Pouches, and all sorts kool animal shaped pouches. Check it out!

The Sugar Burrow

Cage Name Tags, Pouches, Cage Sets, and many more :)
Located in South Florida!!!

Attic Worx

"Home of the StealthWheel. Watchen' jump! Watchem' Spin. Watchem' go crazy in thier new StealthWheel!"

Flying Marsupial

Custom Crocheted Items
Amanda makes awsome crocheted pouches for your suggies!!! You can visit this LINK to see a sample of items she has made.
You can contact her on GC or by email :

PeekaBoo Gliders

Lots of cool and creative toys. Cute fishy toys!!! Different designs!

Spoiled Rotten Suggies

"Specializing in toys that are not only safe and fun for your sugar gliders, but have a cute flair and look great in your gliders' home!  All products are made with the utmost safety in mind and all can be customized to match your specific color requests."

PKM Boutique

They have t-shirst , hoodies, toys , and pouches.

Tootles Suggie Shacks

Pouches, interactive toys and T shirts.

The Little Red Ladybug

Cute Cage Sets!

Lil Paws Craberet

Cage Sets and Toys.

Spoonful of Sugars Glider & Gear

Cage Sets and Cool Toys!


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
Miami, Fl


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