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Different sites that offer information on breeding, development, and the variety of diets they can eat.
 Below are links to the sites that  I have recommended.

BML Diet

This diet that I first started using, this diet is one of the diets that I  recommend. Click below to see the recipe.


Sugar Glider Info

Talks about the different diets that are offered to Sugar Gliders. (Some new diets aren't listed here.)

Pet Sugar Gliders

Section of this website that is dedicated to educate about breeding and the growth process. Other useful information located here too.

Glider Central

Section of the site that offers a good list of vets for the US and Canada. #1 site that i recommend if there is ever any emergency, there is a forum here for questions. Most likely another sugar glider "slave" will save you and answer any questions.

United Sugar Glider Network

The shopping list of foods for your Glider. Like what fruits and veggies are healthy for Sugar Gliders.

Exotic Nutrition

Great food, treat, and accessory items here. Best place to get a variety of staple foods.

BMX Glider

Very Graphic website. Shows pics of a joey as it develops . And pics showing how to tell the difference beyween male and female joey.

Martin's Cages

Custom built cages.

Home of the diet,  The Pet Glider Complete nutrition system.

Happy Glider

Home of the Happy Glider food. Offers different kinds of staple food for your glider.

HPW Diet

HPW ( High Protein Wombaroo) Diet

Diet that is also high recommended. Closest thing to their natural diet in the wild.

Veggie Relish / Fruit Smoothie

Are you tired of the hassle of cutting fresh fruits and veggies every night. Sometimes having to throw some out because it has gone bad? Try theses recipes it cuts down on the prepare time of food, and prevent from having to throw food out.

Recipes Here!


Where you can get your Sugar Gliders favorite mealworms, crickets, and other insects.

"Learn what to watch for to identify an ill or injured sugar glider as soon as possible."  (Pet Sugar Gliders)

"Being prepared is important. Find out what you should have on hand incase your sugar glider becomes ill or injured." (Pet Sugar Gliders) 


The diet is a three part feeding routine, plus the administration of vitamins and minerals with the second part.


Krys Kritters

Safe Fruits and Veggies

Same list in my website: Shopping List 

Glider University

Same list in my website: Dangerous Food List List 


Raising Healthy and Hand-tamed Gliders
in the Sunshine State.
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